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Colorado's Balanced Budget: Tough Choices
Colo Budget Narrative
Colorado's Budget Challenge
Did you know that the State of Colorado is required to pass a balanced budget every year?

The balanced budget requirement forces the Colorado State Legislature to make tough choices, which is good but rarely popular.  I’ve had to vote responsibly knowing full well I would be attacked later in twisted negative TV ads and mail pieces.

Back when our economy was collapsing, state revenue was falling and the budgets of most state agencies had to be cut as a result.  Within the constraints of a balanced budget, we tried to do our best to protect our educational system and our most vulnerable citizens.

We also cut special interest business tax breaks. CACI, the state chamber representing the biggest businesses floated a proposal to tax food instead.  I thought this was outrageous since it would have really hurt seniors, and everyone else, especially when food prices were rising as well.

Since that time our Colorado economy has been improving and we hope to also restore cuts to popular and effective services and programs for Colorado citizens.

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