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Jobs, Business Preservation and Development
For the 35 years I made my living as a small business owner and entrepreneur. I created, grew, and successfully sold two small businesses before becoming a member of the Colorado General Assembly.  I understand the need for transparency and accountability in business management and those same principles are imperative for good governance.

I have championed small business development throughout my career. I served as a board member of the Denver Chamber of Commerce and chaired the Small Business Profit Center Council. During that time, Colorado pioneered in the creation of Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) as a full public private partnership.

SBDCs have grown today into a statewide network of over two dozen centers with a solid track record as the top programs in the country.  In 2011, there were over 1,400 new jobs and $30 million in investment capital produced by SBDC clients.  This is why I'm seeking to expand General Fund support to create jobs by helping Colorado small business succeed.
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