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Beltway and Transportation
For most of us, our car is our primary form of transportation, so it’s essential that the State of Colorado maintain a safe and efficient system of roads and bridges.  Roads and bridges are also essential for moving products from producers to wholesalers to stores, so they are a top economic priority as well.

It’s also important that we provide people with transportation choices.  Some people can’t drive and need to ride a bus or light rail and many others choose to do so.  Surveys have shown that more people would choose to walk or ride their bicycles for transportation, but a lack of safe sidewalks and bike paths makes that difficult.

That’s why I support the Colorado's Department of Transportation’s commitment to multi-modal transportation by considering traditional highways along with mass transit, pedestrian, and bicycle options.  As a member of the Colorado Legislature’s Transportation Committee, I am working to help CDOT move available funds into construction projects on a much faster timeline.  This initiative had solid bi-partisan support, passing out of the House and SenateTransportation committee with a vote of 16 to 0 in mid-September.

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